Making your own website to sell your products or services is as easy as 123.

Just follow these three steps and you'll be able to launch your business online within a day - the fastest and most effective way of building a website - ready for business; ready to sell, ready to deliver:
Step One - Create a Landing Page immediately.
Step Two - Drive Massive Traffic to the landing page.
Step Three - Convert Visitors Into Customers

That all!

webs diy - building an effective homemade website

The 3-Step Formula for Effective Homemade Website - Success Secrets and Strategies of Website Do-It-Yourself

Website DIY 2015 Update

Web building is no longer the same as before.

  • The old ways and rules of getting traffic from SEO has changed.
  • Site presentation is no longer the same. Your site now needs to cater for users with different devices.
  • The social media network has enabled new and small site owners to enhance their branding and web presence.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Close the sale

Let's work backwards and see how this works.

Ultimately, what you want is to sell your products or services online. How you persuade and convince your site visitors to buy from you depends much on your presentation and your sales copy. But, you can't achieve this without first driving targeted traffic to your website.


Traffic depends on how you market and promote your website. You can get traffic for free or from paid advertising. Building a full scale website alone may or may not bring in the traffic, but you need to bring in the traffic in order to close a sale.

You have arrived at this page through only one of my free traffic methods. I'll show you how to get more free traffic with other untabbed sources.

Besides showing you how I get free traffic to this website, I'll also provide several free guides in the download area. Make sure you get them while they're still free.


Building a website is a waste of time if you cannot achieve the above 2 goals. Every page needs a call-to-action to lead your visitors to the final solution of your offer. In addition to that, building a website takes forever.

I'll show you how to launch your website immediately, within a day, even before you start creating your first content page.

Increase Conversion

This step is optional, but it's effect is so magical and unbelievable you won't want to leave this out. Just by creating this simple and ugly page, your signups will increase by 500 times.

As you are aware I am working in a very competitive market, competiting with the top gurus in this industry. Imagine if you are in a less competitive niche. How much more percentage points can you increase is left for you to discover.

By offering a free gift, you may get a one to three conversion. With this single download page, I get 5-7 time more signups. A page that will eventually grows into a paid membership site. But it will remain free for existing subscribers.

Whether you want to convert this into a membership site is entirely your choice. But this system works like crazy that you'll want to keep adding more and more free downloads for your subscribers to reward them for staying.


The success of your web project depends much on this system. It's not just about building a website. It's about creating a page, drive traffic to this page and tweak till you get the desired results.

Once you understand this concept and its application, you will be able to make money online with your website. And you can get it all done by yourself... That's why I named this site Webs DIY.

Now that you are ready, let's get started by:

  1. First create a landing page,
  2. Next, drive traffic to the the landing page.
  3. And finally - test, track and tweak to improve your conversion.

You will surely succeed!

eskay ng

by eskay ng