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This is a demonstration of how you can create your own members' download area.

As you gradually expand, you'll be able to build a hugh membership and earn a passive income should you want to develop it into a paid membership site.

As my member, you are given permission to copy my model, templates and files. This will speed up your web development time.

Of course, if you are in a different niche, you will have to add in files, ebooks and guides that are relevant to your niche.

However, this membership building technique is applicable to any niche.

Feel free to write to me should you have any questions.

Build a membership site without a software

This is to show you how you can starting promoting your membership area even while it's under construction.

You don't even need a membership software at this stage. Of course, you could if you want to. With WordPress, you just need a membership plugin.

As this area is not keyword protected, I do not provide link to the rest of the pages. Links to other pages will be sent to your inbox.

And being able to sign up members while it is under construction proved one point - it's the marketing. A great product will not sell by itself. It depends on successful marketing, and that's what you need to do to your website. Target on the goal.

Don't wait till everything is ready. It never will. Start selling while you are growing, even while your site is still at its infant stage. Providing a few items for giveaway is much better than other sites which offer just an ebook.

These are the downloads as promised in the landing pages...

Each landing page promised an ebook, but you get all the rest here in the members area.

List Building
SqueezePageSecrets | Landing Page here
This is a classic. Everything else is an offshoot of this system. The template changes with the times, but the secret remains the same.
Guru Squeeze
This is the template that I use for this site. The template will fit into any screen for whatever device the visitor is using.
If you need to see again this rotating background landing page or this fixed background template
7 Steps To Build Massive And Profitable Email
You can set this landing page rightaway which comes with an ebook for your subscriber to download. See landing page
The Four Most Deadly List Building Mistakes Every Rookie Makes
Another everything has be done for. Comes with 3 landing pages.
template 1 | template 2 | template 3 | Seen at

From here onwards are all the unannounced bonuses.

Single ebook download
The Leaderboard Method
Google SEO Starter Guide
Listen to what Google says and follow closely to stay away from troubles.
Double your traffic in 30 days
This is a must-read article written by Neil Patel. Sign up and you'll get a pdf copy plus further tips that help you improve your online presence.
77 ways
This is a 2006 version by Allan Gardyne of Associate Programs. Most of them are still applicable today. Allan has since sold his site and I doubt if this copy is still made available for download by the new owner.
Turn Traffic Into Gold
This will be here only for a short period only. I will be selling this package. It's a huge file, Please be patient.
Double your conversion in 30 days
Free Download of the Day
Giveaway of the day
A free software every day. A site you must download everyday.
WordPress Videos - coming up soon
wp101 - 23 videos
SEO for WordPress
WordPress Unleashed

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What can you do when you haven't got enough to show?

As soon as any of your post is published, provide a link here.

First, it serves the purpose of filling the page, but secondly, you are leading them to your other pages.

For whichever page your visitors have arrived at, you can be assured they have not visited your other pages. Readers usually landed at a page, took quick scan and leave.

Most wouldn't have stayed and read every of your other articles.

Showing them your other articles show them you are providing valuable contents which they could have missed.

This is the exact one-page member's area when I built this site. Everything else below this section and other pages were added much later.

All Niches PLR articles
These are PLR articles. That means you can publish them and add in your name as author. But don't. Most marketers have them and are distributing them at the same time. What you could do is, go through them, copy some parts or get some ideas from these articles. They are helpful when you are facing the writer's block or when you need to provide content quickly.

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