About Websdiy.com

Websdiy is an ambitious project.

I want to include everything - everything possible, though that's really not possible.

I want to report progess with a blog and Twitter. I want to include a forum and BuddyPress to form a self-help community. As a matter of fact, I can have anything I want, only it's not quite possible to do everything alone.

And whatever I do, I don't want websdiy to be a duplicate of what that's already on the Internet. If I cannot do a better job in helping you create your own website than those that already exist on the Internet, I rather refer you to those sites than repeating those stuff here.

From make your own website to website do it yourself

This project started as the site theme of Make Your Own Website on 2 domains starising.net and starising.com. The domains were older but it would still be harder to score at the search engines as the keywords are not in the domain names.

But, that's not all. What more frustrating was, one of the domains was an experimental site. I used it to test various building techniques and and for building mini-sites. I would delete them after each experiment or move those sites that are worth keeping to a new domain. This resulted in poor ranking over the years.

After tracking for a while, I have to conclude that starising.com is considered a "condemned site." It may takes years to recover. That was when I thought it may be better to move it to a new domain.

Few weeks later, when slightly more than 20 pages were done, I discovered this domain - websdiy.com. It was a temptation I couldn't resisted. It has almost everything I wanted - short name, easy to remember, keyword related. It fits into the site theme - websdiy for Website Do It Yourself.

I can't tranfer the files over to here without rewriting. But that's a small price to pay. In the long run, this site will do well in SEO.

If you come back often enough, you should be able to follow the progress of this site.

Ongoing Goals

And before I complete a segment, I start planning for the next. Sometimes, several things are going on at the same time. It's messy managing all these. I have to keep reminding myself - do the most important and most useful pages first.

By keeping to the definition of being useful - this web must help you build your website.

Completed Tasks

None. The template and navigation look completed but far from it. While building is in progress, we make it look as though it's complete. Only when you click around, you'll realize you hit a deadend.

Future Projects

  • I have a few domains ready, several incomplete sections on my localhost. More pages waiting to be edited than those posted to this web
  • websdiy.net will the future blogs on multisites.
  • websdiy.biz will the future site for business online.
  • websdiy.org will be a forum for small website owners to share their experience.

It may never be realized. It's just a plan, or more of a wish.

Stay Foolish

As I was rewriting this page, it's a day after the passing of Steve Jobs. I was born in the same year, only a few months later, and if there's anything I want to remember him to remain inspired, I'd like to imagine him whispering in my ear, "Stay foolish."

And my friend, you stay foolish too...

Sometimes when we are very clear of our dreams and goals, yet success seems so far away. The failure in building websites sometimes made us think, "Is it worthwhile to keep trying?"

We may or may not know why we failed. But it will be only when we succeeded that we are able to look back and connect the dots...

Stay foolish, my friend.

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