Websdiy Menu Explained

It’s not a good designing practice to have to explain how the navigation works here on this site. Menus are supposed to be self-explanatory, either in text or images.

But here it goes:

  1. Menu1 Build Coding Template
  2. Menu2 Pages Traffic Convert
  3. Menu3 SBI ListBuilding MMM
  4. Menu4 FAQ Resources Sitemap
  5. Menu5 Contact Privacy Disclaimer
  6. Menu6 Home General Fix Design $pecial

Why multiple navigation menus?

I’ve seen sites with long and multiple navigation bars and honestly, I hate it. I rather display a maximum of 5 items each time and hide the rest than showing everything at once.

I want a clean and uncluttered interface. I rather let visitors missed them than overwhelmed them with too many choices. I designed the flow, but it is up to the visitors to follow or explore on the own.

I find designing the navigation to be one of the most challenging tasks in web building. I think it’s not about showing everything you have, but rather, showing what’s relevant and they need to see. It requires regular monitoring and redesigning to ensure that it offers the best option.

Anyway, this is not final. I’ll regroup them at a later stage so that each group falls nicely under its relevant topic.

Clicking the Menu each time takes you to the next menu. If you hate this form of designing please let me know….

Designing Your Own Website

Throughout this site, you’ll notice the look and feel is overly simple. It can be considered as unattractive.

I intentionally made it so.

I have to prove a point to you: A stunning website may not necessary bring in traffic. It may hold the visitors longer, yes, but after appreciating the piece of art, they’ll remembered what they came for.

They came for the solutions to their problems. That applies to you and me.

This site is about website do-it-yourself. If I couldn’t provide you the solution, you’ll go somewhere else.

Bearing this mind, when you are in the process of building your website, focus on the content. It’s the content that will make a site useful. It’s the content that will get the links from other websites. It’s the content that will help drive up the ranking at the search engines.

It’s the content…

I can’t possibly convince you in words. I’ll have to prove it.

So, remember this – concentrate on providing content. Once the traffic picks up and when you suspect you’ll losing visitors because of your design, hire a professional web designer to give you a fresh look. You can afford it by then.

And of course, if you prefer and could design your website, so much the better. And when you need a coder, you know who to look for: