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When I started my first site on Make you own websites, I received tons of emails asking me questions on topics I've yet to cover on my site.

There were also several requests for helping them to complete their web building projects. I might as well have them replied here in case you have that intention too...Can you help me to finish my website

While I reply privately, I would post the questions here so that they'll benefit those who may raise the same question. That minimized my time on answering duplicating questions.

I am still in the process of compiling those emails. Formating takes time and some questions were raised referring to their sites , I can't mentioned them here without their permissions. As such, I'll have to rephrase them to suit the general audience.

Your next question...

If you have a question, I'll post your question and solution here. I may still reply privately if you are specifically refering to your site.

Kindly use the FAQ-contact form. If you like your name and website to be mentioned, I'll provide a link to your website. Be assured your email account will never be published.

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