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How I build in 9 simple steps

How I build my own website
How I build my own website in 9 simple steps and how you could too
Types of website you can build
List of what kind of website on the Internet and what kind of website I'd like to build.
1 Web project planning
Web project plannning is the first step in website do-it-yourself to ensure long term success in web building.
2 How to research keywords
Brainstorm the right keywords for my best site concept and preparing my master keyword list.
3 Site Concept Planning
Deciding on the best site theme concept for my website.
4 Searching for a perfect domain name.
Searching for a brandable domain name to match perfectly into the site theme concept.
5 Site Storyboard and Site Blueprint.
Creating site blueprint and site storyboard to map out the site direction .
6 Design my own web templates.
How and why I design a simple unique template which focuses on ease of use and ease of navigation.
7 Create my own web pages
Pages I shall be creating for this website - keyword-focused-content pages that will be indexed by all the search engines.
8 Maintaining my website
Maintaing my website to ensure each page performs exacting does what it is supposed to do.
9 Promote my website
Promoting my website - getting into Yahoo and Dmoz directories.

The 3-Step Formula

Step 1 - Launch
Launch your website within a day
Step 1 - Traffic
Bring in the Traffic
Step 1 - Convert
Convert vistors into customers

Coding a webpage

Designing a template for this website with php include
How I Design My Own Simple Page Templates For Building This Website
How Do I Create My Own One-Column WebPage Template
How I create a one-column template
My PHP Include - headmeta
The first php include inside my simple template

Designing the flow

Designing The Flow Of Your Web Pages
The flow of your web pages will help your visitors find the solutions they are searching for
Build a money making website
Money-making website works only if you built it right. Follow the steps provided to ensure your success.
Traffic Generation
Promoting your website with various methods of free and paid traffic
Increasing Conversion
Once you have some visitors to your website, it's time to work on conversion and helping the visitors to become customers.


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