Step 1 : Launch your online business within a day, even if your website is not ready...

  1. The Plan - To create a landing page.
  2. Objective - Prepare your site for the arrival of visitors, and then convert them into paying customers later.
  3. Todo - Download a free copy of high converting squeeze page.

This is step one of launching your online business. By the end of the day, your site will be ready for business.

We shall start off with building a landing page.

The obvious thing to do is to create a product page or a product review page. But from experience, a sales page may not convert well into sales.

They reason are:

  • Your visitors are not ready to make a purchase as they don't know you yet. They'll be more comfortable to make a purchase after knowing you a little more.
  • They are still in the research stage. They need to do further comparision on prices and alternative solutions.
  • Others

So instead of pushing for a sale, make friends first to establish a relationship. Let them get to know a little more about you.

Why build a list?

To build a relationship, you need to maintain contact with your readers. And the most effective way to stay in touch with your readers is to build a list.

With the emergence of social media, the list may seems to be less effective than a decade ago. However you will find this to be the most valuable asset of your web business. It's going to be more valuable than your domain name.

Because you own your list, but you do not own those social media sites; you are merely a member. One day, for whatever the reasons, should you lose any of your accounts, you lose all your fans and followers. Not your list. They will remain your subscribers until they choose to unsubscribe.

So start building your business from day one. Launch your site immediately even when your content pages are not ready. Build a lead capturing page.

Focus on building an online business, not just a website....

Most new site-owners are taught by gurus to start building content pages. Building content pages take time, Waiting for search ranking takes almost forever. If you can afford to wait, that's fine. But waiting for results can be demoralizing to most new site-owners.

The plan here is to quickly set up a landing page and quickly drive traffic to your page. At the same time, take time to build your other pages. With this method, you would able to wait for your content pages to be ranked higher over time.

As we don't own Google, the target of being ranked number one is beyond our control. But as we own our websites, it is more realistic to set measurable goals like achieving a certain numbers of signups per day. Once you achieved that, you'll be able to work on increasing your conversion and close more sales.

Build a squeeze page yourself or download a free copy

Go over to my guru squeeze page and copy the template if you can handle the HTML and CSS. Alternatively, you can download a copy from the download area.

To learn how to copy a template, go to how to copy a template from this site.

Otherwise, just go over to the download area to download a free copy. I have provided several squeeze page templates for download. However, don't get distracted. Choose a copy you like and use it immediately.

The tutorial here is to help you to get a page up so that we can quickly move on to step 2.

I remember years ago when I first set up my WordPress, it took me days to choose a right template, only to change it a few days later. And later on, I got stuck on learning how to customize a WordPress template. I got so hooked on making the WP templates looked right that later I spent a few months learning how create my own WP template so that it looked exactly like my website. What a waste of time.

Don't make the same mistake. Stay focused. Stick to the current project - Launch your website with just a page and move on!

Go to the member's area and download a squeeze page template. Make some changes and upload the edited copy to your server. You are now ready for business.

Upload your squeeze page now and you'll be on your way to success...

Landing Page 1Landing Page 2

After your landing page is succesfully set up, move on to step 2, and that is to quickly bring traffic to the landing page.

eskay ng

by eskay ng