Getting Targeted Traffic

For your website to succeed, you need traffic. As much targeted traffic as possible. NO traffic means no sale. Without traffic, your website is as good as dead.

Traffic Traffic Traffic!

It's nothing else but traffic that will determine the success of your online endevour. Everything else is secondary.

It is only when there are visitors, then you are able to lead them to pages that will solve their problems and meet your goals.

Two ways to get traffic to your website

  • Free traffic
  • Paid traffic

Free traffic

Free traffic is every site-owner's dream. It is both difficult and time consuming. Results are not permanent and while you are up there at the top spot, everyone else is working to displace you. Some are waiting for you to make a mistake or an algorithm change so that you'll be dropped or disappeared.

That's only natural. If you are now at the top spot, it only shows you've done something right that elevated your position, thought others are at the same time trying as hard.

A decade ago, everyone was talking about keywords, keywords, keywords. Just know this, optimizing a web site and all its pages with long tail keywords will no longer help in the organic search results. Keywords no longer play a deciding factor.

We were taught by the gurus on how to optimize our website. I wonder how are their sites doing now. Some over-optimized sites have been reported to disappear from the top positions overnight. Positions that they have held on for years.

So are backlinks. Too many unnatural backlinks may cause the ranking to drop. That happened to those sites that were once on the top spots for years. Some were bragging about what have to be done in order to get to the top spot. Now they scouring the forums for repair tips. Some were busy with coding disavow to those links.

It's wonderful to have free traffic, but it's time to look beyond traffic from search results.

Paid traffic

Meanwhile we'll do all we can to bring in traffic to our website, if you already have a website. If not, you may want to quickly go over to build a website if you need help.

In traditional retailing, you can choose to pay a premium for a better location with heavy human traffic to ensure better business. In cyberspace, you just have to market your site to get the traffic.

In the past, I used to teach and help friends on building a website. That part is really easy. it can be done in a few minutes if you use WordPress.

While waiting for free traffic, you may have to promote your website through paid traffic.

At the same time, understand this - paying for traffic may not necessary bring in the business. Even if it does, a poorly executed advertising campaign may not bring in the needed profit. In the past, I had many failed campaigns and I later learned from some marketing gurus how to run a successful campaign. It requires skill. You need to test, track and tweak before you get the desired results.

Some describe it as throwing mud onto the wall and see which one sticks. If it does, scale up to reap in more. So in most cases, advertising is usually a lost cause in the beginning.

We can afford to wait for free traffic, but can't afford to pay for traffic that didn't convert into sales. When I was new, I was involved in some traffic exchange. For months, I clicked to bring in traffic but didn't manage to sell anything. Now, if I were to go in again, I'll do it to build my list.

To build a list, visit the Guru Squeeze page. After signing up, proceed to the members area to download a copy of 77 ways to get traffic.

Once you get some traffic, you are ready to move to the 3rd step which is to improve the conversion.

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by eskay ng