Increasing Conversion

This is the most difficult step of all the three. Conversion is both an art and a science. You need to understand the behavior pattern of web surfers, master the art of persuasion and convince the visitors to take action.

But having the knowledge is not enough. So much is dependable on skill and experience.

Yet, applying what works previously on other sites may not convert well on this site and on this page. Everything has to be put to test. And what works for me may not work for you.

But test we must, there is no other way to make it better without experimenting and going through failure. If it is dependable on luck and chances, things would have been easy for everyone and everybody would have succeeded.

Once you start to get some visitors, you need to track the result of your landing page.

While continuing to work on getting more traffic, it's time to track how are your visitors responding to your call to action.

Things to track:

  • Bounce rate
  • Click through of each page
  • Search results and visitors count
  • Sign-up rate
  • The ROI - Return of Investment

In short, it's anything and everything that will improve the desired action.

For a start, we'll focus on improving step 1 and step 2 which is the landing page and traffic respectively.

Improve the Landing page

If traffic are coming in but signup is poor, look at the landing page and see what changes need to be done.

Create another page and make a slight change; or a totally different landing page to test the differences.

  • It could be a change of colors, both background and text, or background images.

  • Sizes of fonts, both heading and paragraphs.
  • Change of wordings, or offers.
  • Improve the offer.

Run both landing pages and see which performs better. Make changes until it is better than A, then make changes to A until it's better than B. This is known as the A/B testing.

Converting visitors into customers

Depending on the what the visitors were searching for and the buying phrase they were in, it is almost impossible to convert them to customers upon the first visit. You stand a better chance if you could add them to your mailing list. It could even be done even if your website is under development. Some may not know as from my tracking, they hardly visit more than 2 pages.

So, start your list building early. Don't wait till the site is done. It never will.

Once your page goes live, and you've done your testing, go to the contact me page and send me a mail. I'll be your first subscriber.

In the meantime, do not be overly concerned about converting visitors into customers unless you are desperate for money. The priority should be on building the list and so just focus on this area.

Once you are able to increase the conversion of your signups, you'll be motivated to build your site at a faster rate and conduct further testings.

In my newsletters and download area, I'll discuss and explore other conversion methods so do take this opportunity to sign up now as a free member and download whatever materials that is useful to your business. I'll see you inside...

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by eskay ng