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You reader is leaving, there's absoultely nothing you can do about it. But are you going to let them leave empty-handed?

Sure, they've read your article, they're happy they've found your site, now they got to visit another site or leave for other matters.

You can't make them stay, but how do you make them come back again? Why do they want to revisit?

You need to think what are the reasons they need to revisit. There ought to be at least one unless it was not the site she was looking for.

Well, think of one, your reason. If you really can't think of one, give yourself one reason why they have to come back to your site again. Give them something valuable, more valuable than what they came for earlier. Give they an incentive to leave their contact..

Having their contact allows you to direct them to your other pages, or update them on your new content when it's published.

If you don't have anything special to offer, they're never going to come back again.

Again, thank you for dropping by

Before you go, can I show you something special to take along. It will waiting for you in your mailbox.

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eskay ng

by eskay ng